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Papers Presented

Functionalism, mechanisms and psychiatric diagnosis
British Society for the Philosophy of Science, Edinburgh University, July 2017

What was childhood schizophrenia and how did it relate to autism?
British Society for the History of Science Conference, University of York, July 2017

Causal Structure Vs Causal Mechanisms: Implications for RDoC
Philosophy of Psychiatry Work in Progress Day;University of Lancaster, June 2017

How symptom formulation can depend upon classifications
6th Philosophy of Medicine Roundtable: Understanding Disease and Illness, University of Bristol, August 2015

The 1950s origin of autism as low social skills and intellectual deficiency
British Society for History of Science Annual Conference, Swansea, July 2015

Problems with Validity as an Epistemic Standard for Psychiatry
International Conference for Philosophy, Psychiatry and Psychology, Varna, Bulgaria, June 2014

Negotiating as individuals and groups
Patient knowledge and involvement in healthcare, Lancaster, May 2014

Executive functioning as a barrier to participation and inclusion (Poster)

Participation and Inclusion, National Autistic Society Conference, London, January 2014.

Theory ladeness, corroboration and psychological theories of autism
Philosophy of Psychiatry Work in Progress Day, Lancaster University, May 2013.

Scientific Realism and Antirealism
Concepts of Mental Health, 11th British Postgraduate Philosophy Association Masterclass, University College London, April 2013

From childhood schizophrenia to Asperger's syndrome
Psychology Post-Graduate Seminar, Lancaster University Psychology Department, December 2012

The historical challenge to the reality of autism
Philosophy of Psychiatry Work in Progress Day, Lancaster University, February 2012.

Why historians cannot locate accounts of autism in pre-1943 psychiatry (Poster)
14th International Conference for Philosophy and Psychiatry, Gutenberg, September 2011

Inductive success and prevalence of symptoms in psychiatric entity construction
Philosophy Post-Graduate Seminar, Lancaster University Philosophy Department, June 2011